Riverside Junction - - Your Destination for Summer Fun!

Rates & Trip Information

                   Rate Schedule

 Basic Canoe/Kayak Rental, includes 2 paddles and life preservers.                         $35

You transport yourself.  We can provide car-top cushions and tie-downs-------------

Transport for 1 canoe and limited number of passengers.**

Drop at Troubled Waters Bridge.  Pick up at Skid Row. $60

Drop at Legion Point. Pick up at Harstad Park.                                  $60

Drop at Legion Point. Pick up at "D" Bridge.                          $100

Drop at Legion Point.  Pick up at "K" Bridge                                         $150

Lake Eau Claire. Drop & Pickup             $15

Drop at Knights Pool or South Fork on H, Pick up at Skid Row                         $150

Other Trips by arrangement

Additional canoes in same group will be $10/canoe


               TRIP INFORMATION


HOURS: Riverside Junction is open every day except Monday and Tuesday from 10AM-6PM.  Group canoe trips are available for Mondays by arrangement.   Watch for “An Evening on the Eau Claire” on Tuesday evenings. 


CANOE/KAYAK/ RENTAL: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Earlier by arrangement.)   Transported canoe/kayak trips must commence before:


            1:00 PM : Legion Point to County “K” Bridge; Knights Pool or South Fork (Canoe Time (estimated 7 hours)

            2:00 PM : Legion Point to County “D” Bridge or Eisberner Landing to Skid Row (Canoe Time - est. 4 -5hours)

            3:00 PM : Troubled Waters Bridge to Skid Row (Canoe Time - est. 1.5 hours)

            4:00 PM : Legion Point to Harstad Park (Canoe Time - est. 1/2 hour)


Pick Up Times - By arrangement at time of departure.  Time permitting the transport will wait for ½ hour.  Additional charge equal to another transport fee required if transport must return again.


Last Pick Up Times:   7:00 PM  County “D” Bridge or County “K” Bridge

                                    6:30 PM  Harstad Park

                                    5:30 PM Skid Row

Other time by arrangement


Groups - Reservations:  We will be glad to help you set up a group canoe outing.  At certain times we may be able to give you special rates. 


Want to insure the availability of a canoe?  Call us for reservations.  We will be happy to reserve a canoe for you in most instances.  Reservation deposits may be required.  Refunds will be made on cancellations any time up to 24 hours before the reserved time.  After 24 hours refunds will depend upon our ability to re-rent the canoe.


SAFETY is a primary concern for all of us.  We strongly recommend that life preservers when you are canoeing.  Shoes are also recommended.   Accidents often cannot be prevented, protection is a wise practice.


Our personnel are constantly concerned about safety.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  We recommend that small children not be taken on canoe river trips.  When a canoe tips there is generally lots of confusion and many things to think about in a few moments.  A child’s life may be put at risk, especially if someone else is also in trouble.  Moving water complicates safety issues.  Taking a child on a canoe ride on the lake is not as dangerous if the lake is quiet.